Adam's Transition
owo IS THAT A BEARD I SEE?!?!?! aaaaaaawwwwwwssssssoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmme (I can't wait for mine to start growing, so congratulations to you!)


AND yes it is really exciting you should be really excited

Hi so I've actually been a fan of your art for a really long time and to be honest I didn;t even realize you were trans until about five months ago when I found this blog.

Seriously? Wow well that is definitely a huge HUGE compliment thank you!!

Ignore the stupid faces I’m making.. I always get uncomfortable when people take pictures of me so i make dumb faces and end up making it worse anyway. Kodee took these with his phone to show me how much hair was actually coming in on my face.

It’s been a year since I started Testosterone and this is my facial hair so far. Also my eye brows have decided to grow more hair too. and the wee little zitties are courtesy of testosterone. 


Just a quick reminder that:
Not all trans people want surgery
Not all trans people want to take hormones
Not all trans men like women
Not all trans women like men
Not all trans people are romantically/sexually interested in others
Some trans folk like to cross-dress opposite of the gender they identify with
All kinds of people have their own definition of what is and isn't masculine and feminine and even then they don't always stick within those lines
Every trans person has their own definition of transgender/transexual that reflects who they are and their experiences
You do not get to define what being trans is for someone else
Hi Adam my name is Ashton and i am a female to male transgender. See you are a big inspiration to me your art and yourself! But what i wanted to ask is the testosterone you are taking how long dose it take to develop and i just want to know how it affected you. Also did your parents support you? I am having problems with mine well at least my mother see she calls me a freak and i just don't know what to do. I believe in who i am and so do my friends but it hurts..

Hey Ashton! thanks for the sweet comments <3 

It took less than a month for me to start noticing voice changes, two months to start noticing muscle change, three to start seeing little face changes, six months to start noticing hair growth, and sex drive, appetite, mood, and energy level all started right away for me. Though these changes can affect people differently. 

[Example one of my friends on had started growing a beard after six months //lucky duck] and mine is just coming in now after a year]

And yes my parents do support me, my mom mostly (she was the first person I came out to) And that is really awful she calls you names, It is always devastating to hear that someones parents reject the idea and rip at it. Though it is excellent to hear you believe in yourself [proud of you], and that your friends are there for you. Just keep your head up Ashton, when your parents don’t have control over your life it will get better. 

im a transguy and ive been binding with sports bras for over a year now & it just isnt cutting it anymore. ive tried so long to convince my parents to buy me a binder (theyre supportive) and every time they turn me down because they think it will cause permanent damage. and i honestly dont know how to say it be be much safer and effective than what im doing now. ive honestly tried to say it but every time they just say "we did our research" and discredit anything i say. how can i convince them?

To be honest using a binder isn’t the best for your body, but neither is binding with something not used for binding. [if that makes sense] 

I used to use sports bras and I tried tensor bandages for awhile, both are not as good as getting an actual binder. I can understand your parents being worried, but using the wrong tool to bind might do more damage than just using a binder [because obviously that’s what they are made for]

I have a couple different kinds of binders, one of mine is a little bit looser and less constricting (also it’s only a mid section binder so it doesn’t bind my tummy area. just chest) Then I have a more form fitting binder that binds all the way down to my butt. Wearing the form fitting one would hurt after wearing it for days at a time, I take breaks simply by just not wearing a binder when i’m at home to give my chest and back a break and /or/ by wearing my looser binder. 

Wearing a binder CAN do damage over time, but it greatly helps if you take breaks when you can. Also get the right sized binder, I know a smaller size might be tempting because you want to get really really flat.. but trust me you can really hurt yourself doing that. And if it’s a good binder than your size will do the trick c:

I hope that helped! I would just explain to your parents that it’s better to bind with something actually MADE for binding, rather than sports bras.

I in no way intend to offend you by this question, but what was a major thing that you felt or experienced that made you know for certain that you really wanted to transition? I've been struggling with this for a while and I can't even get a binder

That doesn’t offend me at all friend! I’m ver open and willing to talk about it.

A major thing that made me know for certain that I needed to transition was growing depression about my gender and a few weeks before i came out to my mom i was crying myself to sleep and dealing with a massing amount of stress about it because I just feel so uncomfortable with the thought of having to grow up as a woman. I had to say something, anything. I just wanted to say enough for mom to help me because I didn’t really know how to help myself.

I can imagine doubt being a really scary thought, I only felt that way a couple times but I knew this is how I wanted to live the rest of my life. 

Even if you have doubts and weird feelings that’s ok, you have your entire life to figure it all out. 

And I have a couple sites I could link you too if you wanted for a binder? or maybe look up some support groups in your area? they might help with a binder, or look on ebay or amazon for more affordable binders. ;v;

Hello! Does this transition include sex organs too?

Well I’m only on my first year of testosterone but that is a big possibility, You might have to wait a few years for my personal experience! But i can provide information on it if you would like! c:

I'm sorry for throwing my problems out there but I've already come out as ftm to my parents and close friends and it's been about 8 months and I just get laughed at for trying to start my transition and I'm at a dead end :\ do you have any advice?

Don’t ever be sorry for ‘throwing your problems out there’ I’m here to talk and stuff and don’t mind hearing your problems at all. 

That really sucks that people would laugh. That is ridiculous actually no one deserves that. 

Can you get access to a counsellor or someone to talk to? Maybe a family doctor? that’s where I started. Just ignore people being dirtbags and keep trying to go with it! I believe in you! try looking up trans related things in your area maybe? You might find some support groups to talk to. Or an online counsellor.

I wish you luck! 

DUDEDUDEDUDEDUDEDUDE YOU SOUND LIKE MY BROTHER WHEN HE WAS GOING THROUGH PUBERY SO I TOTALLY THINK ITS WORKING + Idk how you could ever be misgendered i haven't seen yo face since your last video and holy goats you're looking a lot more you~ I hope you find happiness in the long run~ Good luck with your beard <333


and yeah it’s at the point now where it almost seems like people do it just to be turds.